Welcome from NoSleep!

May 20, 2019

If you’ve enjoyed any of my work on NoSleep, please subscribe to the podcast GILVILLE CAMPFIRE for performances of those and other stories!



In the next week or so, we will be posting a performance of “Do not use time travel to prevent someone’s death… Trust me”, including Part 2 before it is posted to NoSleep. So, make sure to subscribe and hear it first!

In the meantime, check out our first episode with a performance of “My Shadow Finally Spoke Today.”

After stopping at the campfire, if you need to lighten things up with a laugh, check out our original comedy podcast, GILVILLE:


Campfire Tale – “Train 1109 (Part 2)”

April 29, 2019

If you found your way here from NoSleep, welcome to Gilville!

Check out my post regarding part 1 of the Train 1109 story for some background on Gilville!

Then, check out Episode 8 of Gilville for a performance of the Train 1109 story thus far! Note: the recording uses a preliminary draft of part 2 so it will differ in some ways from the version posted to NoSleep. However, I highly recommend listening, especially for some voice work I’m particularly proud of – you’ll know it when you hear it 🙂

Campfire Tale – “Train 1109”

April 24, 2019

If you found your way here from NoSleep, welcome to Gilville!

Read on to learn how you can find out what’s behind that door and what happens next to the poor soul on train 1109!

Gilville is a very special town – a place where there is no pain, there is no suffering, and everyone gets along. My name is Gil (I’m named after the town) and I was sent to Gilville, along with my brother Adam, on a grant from an anonymous benefactor to revitalize the town. Every week, we record a transmission providing an update on the revitalization initiative in the form of a podcast.

If you’re feeling a little spooked from the story you just read and need to unwind with some laughs, give the podcast a listen. You can choose any episode that sounds interesting to you but we recommend starting with episode 1 for the full experience!

Typically, we aim for comedy in Gilville. However, Adam and I occasionally like to light a campfire on the outskirts of the haunted forest and share tales of terror. In our next transmission (episode 8), you’ll be able to hear a performance of the “Train 1109” story that includes additional content, revealing what happens next, which door our protagonist chooses, and what he finds on the other side!

The episode should be released in the next few days but the best way to be alerted once its available is by subscribing to our podcast using any of the links at the top of this page!

Campfire #1 – NoSleep

April 2, 2019

If you were directed here from NoSleep, watch the below reading of “My brother thinks he has a podcast” to see it from a new perspective and maybe get a few hints at what’s really going on!

Adam and Gil venture to the outskirts of the Gilville haunted forrest where they tell tales of terror over a campfire.