Ep. 22 – Cyanide Orange Juice Tooth

September 29, 2019

Gil and Adam take a trip down memory lane. Gil gets some bizarre dental work done. Adam eats cookies.


Here’s Adam and his bonus cookies (listen to the episode for context):

Ep. 21 – The Emergency

September 7, 2019

While Adam is out on official Gilville business, Alon and Gil deal with a Gilville emergency.

Ep. 20 – Lucifer’s Loincloth

August 30, 2019

Gil and Adam return to the GILVILLE COLOSSEUM OF TRIBULATIONS. Who will leave triumphant? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Also, Gil continues his series on Satan / Lucifer.

Ep. 19 – Gilville Adventures: The Plan

August 30, 2019

Join Adam and Gil on their latest quest to save Gilville! And be on the lookout for familiar voices, because on this adventure, Adam and Gil will need all the help they can get!

Buckle up! This episode is one wild ride!

Ep. 18 – Lucifer’s Warm Embrace

August 30, 2019

Gil, Adam, and Alon patiently wait for a bowl of tater tots at the GILVILLE DINER. However, an impromptu trip to the GILVILLE CINEMA calls them away. Will they return before the tots get cold? You’ll have to listen to find out!

We also have an update on Alon’s sleeping arrangements.

Also, Gil hugs a devil.

Ep. 17 – The Story of Panocchio

August 30, 2019

Daniel has been hard at work for months in the basement of the GILVILLE UNIVERSITY. Today, he finally completes his first work, the re-telling of a classic… “The Story of Panocchio” (and no… that isn’t a typo).

Adam, Alon, Daniel, and Gil reenact this tale at the GILVILLE PLAYHOUSE.

And if you miss the ILLUMINATI CLUBHOUSE, don’t worry – the gang makes a pitstop there as well.

Ep. 16 – Greece Field Report

August 30, 2019

Gil returns from Greece with new ideas for Gilville. Adam declares war. Gil has a run-in with Ur-Nungal.

Ep. 15 – Because I Feel Like It

August 30, 2019

Alon learns the truth of Gilville (and plays Mario Kart). Adam forgives Ishtar. Gil smells stuff.

Ep. 14 – Voldemort’s Nose

August 30, 2019

Adam returns with fortunes. Gil fools the world into believing he’s human. Adam expresses a distaste for TED Talks.

Ep. 13 – Graduation Day

August 30, 2019

Gil and Daniel graduate from Gilville University! A new professor is welcomed on campus. We check in on Daniel’s robot.