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Ep. 22 – Cyanide Orange Juice Tooth

September 29, 2019

Gil and Adam take a trip down memory lane. Gil gets some bizarre dental work done. Adam eats cookies.


Here’s Adam and his bonus cookies (listen to the episode for context):


Dianne says:

Holy crap. 24 hours I’ve listened to? You’re right, the apple nutribars are the worst. You just had to get one Daniel put down in at the end there. I heard it. I thought you promised no more DPDs! What would your mother say! It’s 1:30 am. Send me a cookie. Please. Anyway congrats on the days-worth of brotherly hilarity. Thx!

Gil says:

Thanks for listening Dianne! Those DPDs (love the phrase you coined there) are hard to avoid, but it’ll all be settled soon when Daniel finally gets a chance to stand-up for himself at the Colosseum! And I’ll put in an order with the Elves to bake you a batch of cookies (maybe we’ll throw in some elf biscuits too)!

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